What is a city you will never visit again? Why?

What is a city you will never visit again? Why?

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"I hate it 
once folks warn Maine to not travel sure destinations simply because i am a ladyi used to be determined to prove folks wrong concerning Egypt, however sadly, my expertise there means that i can not.

board a Muslim country and am wont to the laws but I found it very exhausting to adapt to the culture in Cairo. Men stared fully all over that my friend and that i went - as well as the pyramids of citywe have a tendency totried to laugh it off, humorous concerning feeling knownhowever it created U.S.A. very uncomfortable. teenagedboys packed U.S.A.making an attempt to require selfies with U.S.A.we have a tendency to cursed our guide all day however subsequentwe have a tendency to determined to travel to Khan el-Khalili, a large marketplace - unaccompanied. Walking through that market created Maine feel genuinely frightened for my safety for the primary time altogether of my travels.

While i am still glad I visited Cairo and would not tell anybody to not go - i think we must always form up our minds concerning places for ourselves - i might warn alternative feminine travellers to be readyI actually havefriends WHO have visited Egypt with a male and did not have any hasslethus it appears that solely solo females can suffer. Go, see the pyramids, then get out."

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