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Tweets From Parents About How Their Summer Is Going

"Welcome to summertime parenting: YOUR KIDS WANT SNACKS AGAIN."'

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Summer is indeed here in all its glory ― and for parents, that means fun activities like trying to put sunscreen on a wiggling kid, doling out endless snacks, and bringing home tons of sand from the beach. Luckily, the hilarious parents of Twitter are here to make you laugh with their warm weather tales. Check them out below, and good luck out there this summer.

[Day at the beach]

*Puts suits on kids, slathers them with sunscreen, makes sandwiches, packs cooler, packs beach bags, lugs 50 lbs or crap to beach, trudges over sand, lays out blanket, puts up umbrella, sets up beach chairs, *

6yo after 30 minutes: I wanna go back home

Having a pool in your backyard is great if you want your kids to spend the entire summer arguing over the same pair of goggles.

At the public pool with the kids; we’ve been here for 17 minutes and 247 shouts of “Mom, watch this!” long.

Family vacations are just day after day of your kid begging to go back to the hotel so they can swim in the pool.

“When was the last time you brushed your teeth?”

-Me to my children in the third week of summer.

"Why is it still so early?!"

Every parent, every day, all summer long, counting down the hours until bedtime.

My kids, after a weekend with two parties, a trip to the splash pad, a trip to the pool, martial arts and soccer:

“Mom, we never do anything exciting.“

Pictured: me cleaning the backseat of my car after taking my kids to the beach

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“You’re grounded. And you’re grounded. Now I’m grounded. Your dad is grounded. The whole family is grounded.”

Summer break, day 10.


Kid: Can I have a popsicle for breakfast?

Me: No, absolutely not.


Kid: Can I have a popsicle for breakfast?

Me: After you eat your real breakfast.


Kid: What’s for breakfast?

Me: Popsicles.

My three year old’s bowling ball has been making its way down the lane for six days. How is your summer going.

My kids’ summer bucket list:

Visit a museum
Go night swimming
Stare at your phone all day
Refer to your mom as Uber
Stab your sister with a pair of scissors

Am I proud of myself for letting my kids wake up, play video games, and watch YouTube for 5 hours every summer morning? No.

But am I going to get out of bed and organize activities so they can have fun experiences and we can spend time quality time together as a family? Also no.

A fun thing about having teens home during summer break is that they only require 2 meals a day because they don’t wake up until lunch.

I used to love the song "

What are some epic tweets in India?

Endless Summer Nights" until I realized that every night is endless once you have kids.

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