Is cricket losing popularity in England?

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Is cricket losing popularity in England?

Its popular depending other sports. If its the English summer, and there aren't any tournaments in any other sport going on the same time, I'd say Cricket is quite popular. If it is the football world cup and England are playing SL at home, not quite. During an Ashes its popular getting front page coverage in the papers or if England do well in a world cup game. The T20 blasts do draw in crowds, and it does get media coverage but mainly from Sky. Thats half of the problem to be honest, Sky owning ECB rights, means that people without Sky don't get any coverage (Sky is also expensive so no one wants to pay for that also there customer service is bad) (unless they listen to TSM but no teenager listens to the radio so no new crowds are getting drawn in). If Cricket was shown was free to view tv in the UK, it would be way more popular, Sky doesn't even give rights to showing a few highlights on news channels, its just a picture of a star player or something. If Cricket was brought back to channel 4 like it was in the 2005 Ashes, millions would be drawn in. But as it stands now, Cricket is dying in the country that it was founded in.

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