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Friends, we all know that people take years to build a good business but now I told you some 
story of successful businessman’s  who should  build or grow a business very rapidly.


1: Jeff bezos   - Amazon

2:Bill gates – Microsoft

3:Markzukerberg – Facebook

1:Jeff Bezos

richest man in the world
richest man in the world

 We all Know JeffBezos is the world richest person nowdays his net worth is appprox 110 billion usd
the reason behind his success is to analyse the market and make hard work in bad time’s  he know’s after this  there is big boom of internet users and online marketing comes he wait and suffer the crisis of .com in 2000.

And now he built a world biggest company amazon .

Jeff always tried to do something new that’s why they started amazon prime and this program increases the sale of amazon and built a relationship with their customer.

 In this program the customer’s who buy prime membership get’s their order in one day ,they also give various facility to prime member’s like free amazon video, free kinde book etc etc.

So my friend the moral of the story is that don’t do any business to see that somebody else is doing and he is very successful you never competite with him because he innovate it and you follow him, he knows all good and bad thing’s about her innovation ;he see the future of her business but you can’t.  see.

So my friend analyse and prejudis the trending product’s and market to do business well and never worry about crisis in business we all face it sometime in life. So this business ideas will help you to grow your business

2: Bill Gates

Business tips
Microsoft owner

We all uses laptop and Pc and the most common software on which our pc work is Microsoft window
All types of office works and project are done with the help of Microsoft.

Did you know how is the founder and owner of microsoft ; yes my friend its bill gates (william henry gates) according to recent reports gate has cross approx 90 billion usd and he is the second american after jeff bezos how comes in number 2nd world richest man list.

The reason behind his success is to addict the people for microsoft for giving him free software ,majority of people from child age to become young use microsoft and they easily operate it without any difiiculty when they goes in official work or any type of work given by company they demand microsoft because they operate it easily and from child age they know how they work.

So company purchase the license of microsoft and give to their worker’s that’s how microsoft earn from people.

 Ubantu, linux and max like operating system are also present in market but they are not successful like microsoft because people don’t know about him and can’t operate easily.
So my friend in every business you need to addict people for your product for giving him various types of coupon and discount this will help you most to grow rapidly your business. 
This is the best business tips to grow your business


fb owner
Fb ownner

The last and my favourite person who comes  is this list is ceo and founder of facebook is Markzukerberg.

Markzuckerberg is also like me and you at the child age.

In the beginning they started facebook in her universitry, and in very less of time facebook is popular in usa and now all over the world.

The net worth of markzuckerberg is approx 70 Billion usd and he is the 8th richest man in the world.
The main reason behind her success is to know the need of people what they want ,and that what’s mark do in early time when mark started facebook there is no other popular social networking site and in very less time facebook distributes all over the world and now facebook in becomes world biggest company list.

So My friend if you want ti successful like there person do something which is innovative and very usefull to other person.

 These are the tips to how grow a business if you follow you become successful in your life.

Author: ISHAN

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