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  Top 10 | Buy An Expired Domain List | Expired Domains For        Sale

Hey Friend i had recently find some domains which i need to share with you these domain sold at a very high cost i f you buy these type of domain they will give thousand or even million dollars ... So lets check out our "Top 10 domain " which are recently sell at very high price.


Friends this domain sold  in 24980$ which is very good price . That's why we conclude it in our top 10 list.

domain name
domain name


The text keyword is highly searchable on google that's why this domain is sold in 15000$ which is really cool so you never underestimate any extension . You can also find these types of domains in the expired domain list. Best site for expired domain is the

domain buy
domain buy


We all know know that after .com the very cool extension is .co because it is a shorter than .com and very easily memorable at this time sites are highly search on google any they all are .co

domain registration
domain registration

We all know that .us   is a ccTld and it's rank high in usa  and if you got a good domain in .us extension it will sell at very high price.

domain search
domain search


After .COM the .Net  Tld is very popular they mostly used in software developing companies they also rank high on google.

Top 10

The domain sold at a very high price 13006$.

Top 10

See You can find very cool names and it is also very short with a meaning. So you can also buy .club Tld but always buy a very unique, short and meaningfull Tld name.

Top 10 domain

This domain is sold in 14960$ in  .at  tld which is really cool.
 Always remember if got a good name in any Tld you get a high price when it's customer comes.

Top 10 domain  

I like car and if any person like car and they wish to bussiness related to car industry they should buy Tld.

domain name registration
domain name registration

It is a secondCCTLD and you see that sell at 12896$.

Top 10 domain

So Friend this is list of my "top 10 "domain list if you like this post please share with your friend's and comment your favourite "expired domain "in the comment box i love to see  your comments .


You tube video on top 10 domain:  Click the link   

Top 10 domain

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