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Caption For Fb Dp

⇒Short caption for profile picture💥

⇒fb caption for girls👩 

⇒ Fb caption for boys👱

💓💔💕In This Blog , You Will Get All Kinds Of  FB & IG Captions For Your Profile Picture😋😋 

SHORT CAPTION For Profile Picture

A: Short Caption For Profile Picture😀

Caption For Fb Dp
  •  You Can't Photoshop Yourself👱

  •  Be The Source Of Your Own Smile😄

  •  Fake It Till You Make It 💀

  •  Don’t ask anyone but me about me👺
  •  Don’t follow your dreams, follow me👾

  •  Preparation for Future is doing your best today💪

  •  Success is no accident . It is hard work👌

  •  Try to get better everyday and enjoy the life😉

  •  If you will fail , then you are preparing to fail.😀

  •  I Need Vitamin Sea👀

  •  Hey Hey Sunday😃😍

  •  Life is better when you’re laughing😂😂

  •  If you have eyes, look at me now👀

  •  Why overthink when you can overdrink ?💢

  •  Love your enemies😈

  •  My silence is my attitudes😉

  • Too good to not post🙅

  • I love Selfies💁

  • Dream without fear, love without limits💝

  • Long Weekend Love💖

  • Short hair don’t care💭

  • Ice cold like my drink👻

  • Who said I was an angel?😈

  • Before you judge me, make sure you are perfect😱

  • I Graduated From The University Of Selfies😻

  •  Attitude is nothing, It's The Way I Am!🙉

  • I Am A Sea And Nobody Owns Me🌊

  • Excuse me, my eyes are never quiet👀

  • You bring me back to life. I belong to you now💥

  • One Way Or Another I Will Love You💝

  • Everythig Look Cute When It Get My Touch✋

  • All Ways Be Kinder Than You Feel👍

  • Life Is Like A Balloon . If You Never Let Go, You Will Not Know How High Can You Rise👆

  • Hurt me, I will kill you💪

  • Getting older, but Become  Classic😚

  • Style & behaiviour reflects your personality 😝

  •  No-1 can be just like me anyway😋

  •  Don't trust people  fake is becoming the new trend😡

  •  Keep your heels, head, and standards high😅

  •  A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands😋

  •  Life is better with friends😀

  •  A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands😀

  •  Life is better with friends😀

  •  Warning: U may fall in love with my face😈

  •  love with my face😈

  •  If it was easy everyone would do it💔

  •  Only God Can Judge Me👌

  •  Hold onto your best friend because you’ll never find someone like   them   again😙

  •  Miss me😇

  •  Pain is weakness leaving the body💀

  •  Friends are the family we chose👸

  •  Normal is boring💅

SHORT CAPTION For Profile Picture

B:  Fb Caption For Boys👦

  •   Girls Just Wanna Have Sun👏

  •    New year, new look🙆

  •    Salty but sweet🙅

  •    You’re my favorite notification😇

  •     It’s Cold. Let’s cuddle😜

  •     Good food = good mood👬

  •     My favorite thing about winter? When it is over😎

  •     Enjoy at least one sunset per day!😵

  •     Bee quick and sure before you say anything🙌

  •     Tether your soul to me😸😸

  •     We survive by forgetting😱

  •     Just a general life update: Hungry again🙇
  •     Wearing pijamas on Mondays🙏

  •     Cause I’m a little unsteady😮
  •     What do you prefer, coffee or tea?😳

  •     Follow your dreams you never know when it becomes reality 😔

  •     I'm the type of girl who is beautiful inside and outside both😻

  •     "Crazy hair, don't care."😝

  •     "At least my pizza still loves me."💁

  •     “I am who I am, I don't need stamp of anyone else😈

  •     “ Treat me good if u want respect.”💥

  •     “If you are good at something, never do it for free ❤

  •      Grace. Not perfection👸

  •       Never tell your's secret to anyone it's harmfull for u 😋

SHORT CAPTION For Profile Picture

C: Fb Caption For Girls👸

  •   Be a voice not an echo😏

  •   Well behaved women rarely make history!👄

  •  Girls never forget anything💃😂

  •  “His story is History, my story is Mystery.”👌

  •   Weekend, please don’t leave me💢

  •   “Every girl need a guy whom she trust ”😓

  •   Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping           stone to  greatness.”😚

  •  “I am a girl. please don't see my phone i hate it .”😊

  •   Come some time in my dream i will show my dreamland😞

  •   Sore today, strong tomorrow😉

  •   Pretty girls never shy 😖

  •  “Success is not every thing ”💟

  •   I have no time for arguments, because definitely I know I am going win.😛

  •   ETC. End of Thinking Capacity😈

  •   No new friends👶

  •   Love that guy who treat you like a queen👤

  •   I act like I’m ok, but I’m really not👱

  •   Born to express, not to impress👳

  •   Ladies, please👅

  •   Cinderella never asked for a prince😇

  •   I act like I’m ok, but I’m really not.😒

SHORT CAPTION For Profile Picture

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